Being vegan

  • I am a vegan in the Caribbean. Lol Caribbean vegan. Becoming a vegan for the animals was an easy decision, becoming a vegan in my country was tough. No one supported my decision, everyone asked me if I was crazy. "You wanna stop eating meat? An eggs? And dairy? What you will eat then?" I had to learn with the help of my vegan friend. One vegan friend. But hey here I am 5 years later. I don't just eat salads because there are so many began choices, I often ask for egg less cakes, vegan ice cream etc so even if a company/ restaurant doesn't carry vegan things yet they know that people want vegan options and they start bringing in vegan items. So the vegan journey starts off uncertain for most of us, but it gets easier fast. And we are part of a community that doesn't murder sentient beings to eat their corpse so that's great.

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