• like to participate ?
    micro housing where space for every need would be available, for rent, lease, purchase, or as voluntary participant with costs or with housing provided free and self cooking is permitted...very flexible yet as it's just begun to form...

    a bare strip, as found, but a bare strip with much very nice potential..I'd like to work it with vegans..makes it so simple..everyone with their own little domicile, as private as we can make it...necessary a 24 hour Duty Watchman (vacancy ! ) your own gardening and harvesting greens, and plots are available in the valley for additional agronomy/permaculture

    everyone needs simple freedoms and security within a wider everyday society, and so a goal as a priority to achieve it, to find the strenth through solutude and community to allow for a 'wild but dynamic' evolution !

    good things are so abundant, and pleasure is in shared moments, with own family and friends or with the wider community in general

    this is an individual as well as a social need...

    so groups of vegans interacting closely and maybe bursts of light happens at points geographically !

    anyway, if interested send inquiry to inbox and we'd further interact

    Ayubovan !

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