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  • Pros: the vegan meals are pretty good for frozen meals, they use organic veggies
  • Cons: they don't have desserts anymore, they can be pricey
  • Member's Recommendation: Yes
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  • Veestro vegan meal delivery

    Posted by Angela Adair March 1, 2022
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    I really like Veestro's vegan meals delivery service. you can order a plan if you have a particular goal eg- you want to lose weight, or you can order ala carte. meals are about $11 per serving, but if you watch for specials and promos, you can get this down to about $6-8 per serving. They used to have dessertd which were divine!!! but sadly they do not offer these anymore ( maybe if morepeople here were to let them know they want them, they would offer them again). They have regular menu updates and add different things regularly, you should check them out for $35 off your first order use this link:,http%3A//,-COPY%20LINK
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