URGENT Appeal to secure food for dogs saved from death row in M

  • I have come across the story of Michele's shelter for street dogs in Morocco. She has been running the shelter for quite some time out of her own pocket. For a capacity of 90 dogs she was doing fine, but when the local authorities decided to allow and actively kill all dogs found in the streets, she decided to take the compassionate step of offering her shelter to rescue as many as possible.
    This has increased the population of the shelter by ten fold, and now she is trying to care for over 700 dogs at risk of untimely death any time.
    More information here with a video:

    I have contacted the association involved and asked if Michele would agree to feed them with Vegan dog food; she has assured she would be grateful for such help. I decided to ask them first as I understand there were cases elsewhere in Romania whereby substantial help was offered by a Swiss entity, however it was refused on the basis of not wanting to feed Vegan food to their rescued dogs.
    I am looking for any business that may want to help, either with provision of,  or a monthly donation to the shelter  towards the purchase of Vegan food. I will be visiting the premises in the near future and can also coordinate the operation/provide feedback/or even transport if necessary in order to give those souls a dignified existence during their unfortunate period of being born.
    Please re-share as much as you can.
    Many thanks!
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